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Release Date:
Rating: 9.5
Directed by
Joseph Kosinski
Written by
Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer
Based on
Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro, Val Kilmer, Lewis Pullman, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Jean Louisa Kelly, Manny Jacinto, India Everett, Francis Ngannou, Preston Lacy, Chris Raab
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
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Did you want to see Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick? Don't worry, Paramount Pictures has just confirmed that the Joseph Kosinski-directed film will return to select theaters in Mexico for a limited time, so you'll need to note the following dates if you want to relive the epic stunts of Captain Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in an F-18.

How to watch Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Full Movie Accessibility to Top Gun: Maverick.

Through a Top Gun: Maverick on Twitter, the studio behind movies like Sonic 2, The Lost City and Scream confirmed that the film, co-starring Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm, will return to theaters in our country from August 18 to 24.

Top Gun: Maverick At the moment it has not been revealed which are the selected cinemas to which the announcement refers. On the other hand, Cinépolis and Cinemex have not confirmed the complexes in which they will receive the film that left films like Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness or The Batman in the international box office. So far the film starring Tom Cruise has exceeded one thousand 300 million dollars.

"I'm a perfectionist," Hamilton justified of not being able to prepare for his role due to his schedule, adding that the phone conversation he had with Cruise and "Maverick" director Joseph Kosinski was "the most awkward call I think I've ever had." Dyed".

Almost all of us love watching Top Gun: Maverick on TV or on the internet. However, one of the most popular ways to watch Top Gun: Maverick

Hamilton has confirmed that he is working with Kosinski and Brad Pitt on a film about Formula 1. And that he has also arranged a visit between Pitt and his Mercedes team for him to get a closer look at the sport. He produces the project and has also been advising the script and plot process to ensure its authenticity.

After its premiere, 'Top Gun: Maverick' breaks another collection record and is already Tom Cruise's highest grossing film. Furthermore, it has garnered critical acclaim as well.

The most recent news is his sorpasso to 'Titanic', becoming the highest grossing film in the history of Paramount Pictures, exceeding 600 million dollars, only in the United States.

The Joseph Kosinski-directed film has already surpassed 'Titanic''s total: $659.36 million (not adjusting for ticket price inflation). In July it had already been said that the sequel to 'Top Gun' had taken a record from James Cameron's film, but it was the title of the best opening of Paramount Pictures because what it had surpassed was the initial collection of the film in 1997, about 600 million dollars. It has now surpassed the box office that 'Titanic' did when it first hit US theaters and re-releases in subsequent years. 'Top Gun: Maverick' is already the seventh highest-grossing film of all time in North America, again not counting inflation.

His next goal would be the 678 million dollars that 'Avengers: Infinity War' raised, something more than feasible because the film continues to hold up wonderfully. This weekend it has fallen only 16% compared to the previous weekend. Then he would have to enter the club of 700 million dollars to beat 'Black Panther', the fifth highest-grossing film in history in the United States. Worldwide, 'Top Gun: Maverick' has grossed $1.33 billion. There the ocean liner continues to have a great advantage because its global collection is 2.2 billion dollars.

Top Gun: Maverick if you check out streaming websites, you will only have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.

'Top Gun: Maverick' continues in Spanish theaters and although it is not achieving figures as spectacular as in the United States, it remains among the top ten box office positions, according to data from Comscore.

'Top Gun: Maverick' premiered in the United States on May 27, opting, like many blockbuster wannabes, to try to conquer a holiday weekend. Thus, this sequel directed by Joseph Kosinski swept the Memorial Day bridge breaking the record for 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' 15 years later.

Since then, the film starring Tom Cruise has endured stoically at the box office, gaining positions in the ranking of the films that have amassed the highest grossing in the United States. In fact, last weekend 'Top Gun 2' snatched the position from 'Titanic' becoming the seventh highest-grossing film in history in that country. On those days, 'Maverick' once again demonstrated his health, falling only 16% compared to the previous week. But beware, now the good part is coming: this week it has risen.

In other words, 12 weeks after its theatrical release, 'Top Gun: Maverick' has risen 2%, sneaking into the top 3 in the domestic market. Yes, it has done it in the weakest days of the summer in terms of the flow of viewers, but we are talking about two and a half months after its launch to a world that is not the one it was for theaters.

You don't need to download Top Gun: Maverick to watch full movie

Last Friday proposals such as 'With gray hair and crazy' or 'Laal Singh Chadda', the Indian remake of 'Forrest Gump', were released, more than enough reason for the box office to have remained asleep. This lack of pull in the novelties has caused Paramount's success to return to the top positions, adding 7 million more, as The Numbers collects.

All the media have been pointing out for weeks the very important record that Top Gun: Maverick has achieved, the sequel to the classic aviation movie starring Tom Cruise and that today totals more than 1,300 million dollars. But the truth is that smaller projects have achieved even more positive data, and that is why I would like to highlight today the case of Everything at once everywhere.

Coinciding almost with the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the small production company A24 decided to launch in theaters Everything at the same time everywhere, an independent film, which also revolves around the multiverse. That is, two very different projects, on the same theme and sharing part of the public. It might sound like a catastrophe, but far from it: Everything at the same time everywhere has been a hit, and I'll tell you why.

The name of A24 begins to make a name for itself in the film industry, despite the fact that it should have done so before: the producer of Hereditary, The Green Knight or Midsommar is specialized in independent cinema, and always finds itself with the difficulty of compete in a market cannibalized by blockbusters.

You may not understand the magnitude of this news, but it is extremely important for cinema that independent productions with less advertising investment achieve their niche in the market. Blockbusters cannot accommodate all the actors and actresses that Hollywood has developed in recent decades, and the most intimate and author proposals are found in small production companies like A24.

Although you can watch your Top Gun: Maverick yourself, watching them with your friends is a wonderful experience

Approaching the release of a film like Top Gun:Maverick requires a number of caveats. First of all, your need. Was it necessary for its protagonist to re-incarnate one of his most celebrated characters thirty years later? Secondly, the risk of repeating certain common places under the priority of satisfying the fans of the original film. And, thirdly, the convenience of a film that seems to contravene current trends in Hollywood cinema.

However, there is a determining aspect that gives added value to the project, a kind of protective shield against all these prejudices: the mere presence of Tom Cruise, who has been vindicated during the last two decades -especially through the saga of Impossible Mission - one of the main guarantors of popular and entertainment cinema, as we have known it before digital recreation ended up encompassing everything and turning imagination into a tool at the service of ostentation and the most difficult still , although also exhausting the capacity for surprise.

In this sense, Top Gun: Maverick exists thanks to Cruise, who has not only insisted on making it much better than Tony Scott's film, but also once again demonstrates that cinema was invented so that the public went en masse to the movies. rooms to see movies like this one: action, romance, adventure, spectacle. And with greater merit at a time when most premiere movies go directly to streaming platforms.

Of course, the film repeats numerous nods to the first Top Gun, from the backlights that Scott liked so much to the music, the patriotic speech -although the enemy is unknown-, the rivalry between pilots or the motorcycle ride, but there are two significant circumstances that place it above the 1986 film.

On the one hand, his speech about the end of an era in which machines will end up replacing man -and that can be applied to many other realities-; and, on the other, Joseph Kosinski's more than efficient staging of the combat scenes in the air, underlined by an excellent subsequent editing that makes this a worthwhile film.

If you love watch Top Gun: Maverick, it means you have a lot of things in common with other people.

It is not only the most successful movie Internet of 2022 in terms of box office. He managed to relaunch Tom Cruise's career even more and demonstrate that behind an attractive script, without abuse of special effects and without a political agenda, better results can be achieved than with the greatest superheroes on the planet. When to watch Top Gun 2: Maverick online? The date is already confirmed.

Top Gun 2: Maverick can be viewed online from August 23, 2022 (in select markets), initially on digital stores such as Amazon or Apple TV (iTunes). The film can be purchased or rented for home viewing by clicking here.

With more than 1,300 million dollars in box office and again among the 3 most viewed in the United States this weekend, with the possibility of returning to the number one spot in the coming days, the ceiling of Maverick seems to continue to grow. Although it could not be released in lucrative international markets, such as China or Russia, the film is possibly the best that the action genre has given in recent years.

That is why Paramount Pictures is taking advantage of its most successful film to continue collecting in theaters. In fact, this weekend he returned to the IMAX complexes and even gave away a poster to people who attended the theaters.

To see Top Gun 2: Maverick online at the moment it will have to be done either with the digital purchase or rental.

For its arrival on streaming, which will be on Paramount Plus, we will have to wait a while longer. The distributor did not announce dates, but surely it will not be before the last quarter of the year.

“The airborne sequences, chases and fights have a quality and stamp that is remarkably distinct and is much clearer, more intense and more fast-paced than any CGI production. And that is where both the film and Cruise make a difference. Because, being a fervent defender of the most traditional and practical special effects, before those created by computer, it is evident in each frame and we really find ourselves before a film that is superior to the original”, journalist Leo Deangelis highlighted in his review, qualifying the film with a score of 9.5 out of a maximum of 10.

Netflix continues to talk about streaming platforms. And it is that starting this Monday, August 1, it will include a classic success -one more among its options- and that it is closely related to one of the great cinema successes so far in 2022. We are talking about "Top Gun: Passion and glory".

It is the first film in the saga focused on the story of a group of American aviators, and it is a true classic of the cinema of the '80s. Released in 1986, "Top Gun: Passion and Glory" is now available on Netflix and will reveal the story that started the second part ("Top Gun: Maverick"), which was only released in theaters this year.

What is "Top Gun: Passion and Glory" about, the 80's classic available on Netflix

Also starring Tom Cruise -like the sequel that was released this year-, the first installment of "Top Gun" -already available on Netflix- focuses on the story of Pete Mitchell (known as "Maverick" and played by Tom Cruise) and in the arrival of the man to a group of elite aviators. In this same group is Tom Kazansky, better known as "Iceman" (and played by Val Kilmer), with whom he will end up competing and rivaling at all times. Love is also present in "Top Gun: Passion and Glory", as Maverick falls in love with one of the instructors.

With a duration of 110 minutes (less than 2 hours), "Top Gun: Passion and Glory" became one of the great successes and classics in the history of cinema and was a film that marked a before and after. And 36 years after this title was released, which is already in the Netflix catalog, the second part was released in theaters around the world a few months ago.

The original soundtrack, the action and adrenaline scenes and the story made "Top Gun: Passion and Glory" one of the most successful films in cinema history. So much so that, although the sequel was scheduled to be shot as soon as the first part was completed -and thus take advantage of the wave of success-, an accident during the filming of the first part (which arrived on Netflix at the beginning of August) led to to be postponed for no more and no less than 36 years.

It's amazing what's happening with tape. They pass and there is no way that Top Gun: Maverick begins to accuse the passage of time. In fact, the phenomenon has already reached dimensions that are really difficult to explain.

His drops at the box office are anecdotal, even improving his data from one week to the next, despite having been on the bill for three months. The phenomenon that has been generated around the Tom Cruise movie has even led many to repeat it in theaters over and over again. And

it is that, if the first installment of Top Gun marked a generation, the second is not far behind. In fact, its success is being much greater.

Online movie databases that let you watch Top Gun: Maverick online have a huge collection of movies

To date, Top Gun: Maverick accumulates a whopping resource 1.38 billion dollars amassed in theaters around the planet. Some simply brutal data, since the film has been breaking the best expectations week after week.

If we take into account that Paramount would have already considered it a success to reach 600 million at the box office, you can imagine. But what has left us stunned is a resistance that has taken it to second place in the American box office last weekend.

It is difficult to imagine the roof of the film. Top Gun: Maverick continues to rack up millions non-stop and it looks like it will be in theaters for several more weeks.

Some even think of 1,500 million as the end, which would make it one of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema. Something deserved for a wonderful tape in all its senses. Today it is already the 13th highest grossing film in history. The Top 10 and the 1,515 million of Furious 7, on the horizon.

Starring Tom Cruise when he was 24 years old, "Top Gun: The Passion and Glory" is a classic of the 80's. It tells the story of a rebel pilot who enters an elite combat school, where he learns the meaning of competition and friendship, lives a passionate romance and enjoys the danger in the air.

Tom Cruise and the classic of the 80's that Netflix is bursting: it lasts 1 hour 49 minutes

In order to star in "Top Gun: The Passion and Glory", Tom Cruise rode a motorcycle for the first time, so he had to take some classes and practice on three trips. In addition, it was the first film where the actor was involved in the script and did not want to lose sight of any details of the story.

In addition to the message it prints among viewers, part of the success of "Top Gun: Passion and Glory" is due to the spectacular scenes of the pilots in the air; and the soundtrack that includes Kenny Loggins's 'Danger zone' and Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away'.

It took 36 years for the sequel "Top Gun Maverick", released on May 27 with greater success at the box office and the perfect closing of the cycle among fans of this story of action, romance, drama and adventure.

5 9/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 5.5

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